About Alessandria, The Tiny Tinker

Little Nutters, Pinecones & Love Potions


The Tiny Tinker started as a plan to collect pinecones for firewood, and evolved into an idea to support Alessandria, my two year old daughter.  We came up with a little business where she can get involved, learn, have fun and play CEO, while making allowances for the mayhem and destruction that toddlers are so good at. 


We collect natural materials from our organic farm and turn them into simple crafts, like the little nutters (walnut shell dolls) or we leave them naked so that you can enjoy designing your own creations from the land’s flora and fauna.


Grandma has spent a lifetime studying herbal remedies, and is full of tidbits about plant lore and quirky traditions. She helps create the love potions, potpourri, and mugwort dream pillows.

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Our Products


We aim to create an awareness of the beauty of nature without the need for excessive embellishment. Most  materials come from our farm, exceptions, include potpourri  spices and essential oils that we can’t grow or make at home, but the fruit, flowers, and woodland materials are all hand-picked, pressed and dried. 


Rouse Imagination


Using natural products is a great way to teach your child about the holistic natural world. You’ll start looking around for all sorts of bits and pieces to use in your creations, and learn to observe what types of materials trees and plants create,  when the plants flower, when the seeds drop and why, what the plants are used for, which are poisonous and which are safe to use or eat.


You might even be able to encourage your kids to put away the ipad and get outside to plant sunflowers in the garden – watch them bloom over the summer, and then store away the dried seed heads to eat as a healthy snack throughout the winter.


Bees & Blooms - The Balance


Lichen is very sensitive to pollution. It grows in abundance in our fresh clean air, but we’re always conscious of the time that it takes to grow, and we make sure we collect selectively, leaving some for tomorrow and for the next generation.


The same thinking applies to all our natural treasures. If we cut too many wild rose vines for decorative wreaths, we’ll get less rosehips, and if we use too many rosehips for vitamin c packed teas and juices in spring, we’ll run out of roses for potpourri. If we pick all the roses, we won’t have a glorious canopy of colour to just enjoy. More importantly, we always leave plenty of flowers for the bees.


Love The Bugs


Our products are grown in a healthy organic environment  and might come with a free bug or two.  If you happen to find a wee critter in your pinecones, teach your kids to understand them, and the job they do.  Open a whole new microcosm for your children to play in.


Getting Started


To help you get started, take a peek at our blog, see our pinterest collection or look up ideas on google images - type in a few key words, like pinecones or pinecone decorations - and you’ll find hundreds of cute fun projects to try. 


Want to Know More?


We’re happy to answer any questions. Just go to our contact page and send us a message or give us a call.

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