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About Alessandria, The Tiny Tinker

Little Nutters, Pinecones & Love Potions

We collect natural materials from our organic farm and turn them into simple crafts, like the little nutters (walnut shell dolls) or we leave them naked so that you can enjoy designing your own creations from the land’s flora and fauna.

Our Products


We aim to create an awareness of the beauty of nature without the need for excessive embellishment. Most  materials come from our farm, exceptions, include potpourri  spices and essential oils that we can’t grow or make at home, but the fruit, flowers, and woodland materials are all hand-picked, pressed and dried. 



We do not have online payment options. View products online, and get in touch to purchase.

Want to Know More?


We’re happy to answer any questions. Just go to our contact page and send us a message or give us a call.

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