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A selection of nuts and cones for children's crafts and decorations. 

These are all hand collected from our forest. Some of the photos show examples of what can be made. 

The pack contains: 

50 miniature pinecones (scotch pine) 
10 Japanese Cedar cones (these are great for painting and using as fairy trees) 
20 Red Alder Cones (these are great for making natural earrings) 
15 Liquid Amber cones 
20 Macrocarpa cones 
20 Redwood Cones 
10 spruce cones (low quality) 
40 Acorn Caps 
30 Walnut Shells 
20 Black Walnut Shell 
20 grams lichen (great for fairy gardens, little nutters, creating a rustic look and more) 
40 bead heads

The walnut shells/acorn caps can be used for making little nutters (walnut shell dolls). (see sample pictures) 

The black walnut shells can be used to make owls. 

The packs are great for pre-school crafts, after school programs, holiday programs and more. We can change the order to suits your needs. Contact us to discuss or to order.

Kids Natural Craft Packs

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