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Make Natural Christmas Earrings

Try something a little unique and natural for Christmas this year. Cone earrings are easy to make. We usually use red alder cones, as these have a Christmas look and are small and light. You can also try gumnuts, redwood cones and more.

To make red alder cone earrings, simply take an earring hook and push it into the base of the cone. Use a bit of hot glue to keep it in place.

Use a brass hook and leave unpainted for a natural look, or use a silver hook and paint or glitter your cones for a more Christmassy feel.

With gumnuts I found that I had to glue the hook to the side of the small stick part of the nut, and to disguise the hook and glue on the side, these worked better when painted.

Earring Craft Pack

We offer ready-made red alder earrings for $3 (plus $3 postage) or craft packs so you can make your own $4 (plus $3 postage) to make your own. Earring craft packs come with:

4 (2 sets) red alder cones

4 (2 pairs) earring hooks (2 brass and 2 silver coloured, or let us know your preference)

You’ll need your own glue and paints.

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